Our Performance

FY2013.3 (April 1, 2012 - March 31, 2013)

Net Sales:366.9bn yen(YoY change +2.9%)
Operating Income:9.2bn yen(YoY change +13.6%)
Net Income (Loss):4.1bn yen(YoY change -)

Proportion of Sales by Business Segment

Proportion of Sales by Business Segment

FY2014.3 (Projections)As of February 5, 2014

Net Sales:408.0bn yen(YoY change +11%)
Operating Income:22bn yen(YoY change +139%)
Net Income:18bn yen(YoY change +337%)
  • *As a result of certain organizational realignments, effective in the first quarter of FY2014.3, some segments are realigned as follow;
    1.   -AV/IT segment will now be renamed audio equipment segment.
    2.   -PA equipment business, which was previously reported as part of the musical instruments segment will now be reported as part of the audio equipment segment.
  • In the graphs shown above for FY2014.3 Projections, Yamaha has reflected segment changes to segment net sales and operating income for FY2013.3 to provide better visibility.

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